Plan your weekend excursions digitally.

In order to be organized when planning trips it helps to maintain a list of all the places you plan to visit. Keeping this list in your head makes it harder to collaborate with others you may be traveling with and increases your mental fatigue at the worst time possible.

Currently in development, this tool will allow one to manage their trip plans online as well as share them with friends. It is built with Google Map's renowned location capabilities and Facebook's React view framework. The back end will be implemented with Firebase.

Easily visualize how you can achieve your GPA goals.

Setting GPA goals can be hard for proactive high schoolers. School counselors have trouble conveying requirements to their students. In both cases the problem is that it's hard to calculate and view one's GPA goals.

This utility allows one to easily plan for their educational future. Students can do exactly that with this tool's simple and intuitive interface; built following Google's Material Design guidelines. The app supports most modern browsers and is built using Facebook's React view framework.

Locate the public bathroom nearest to you in Alameda County, CA.

When one needs to go to the bathroom, time is of the essence. If you need to go to the bathroom in Alameda County, this webapp will direct you to the bathroom closest to your current position. This saves time spent on locating and going to a bathroom, as well as gives you public health data on the bathroom you're headed to.

The concept of this app earned an honorable mention at the AC Apps hackathon. I've implemented it using Javascript and jQuery. The app's responsive design allows it to be used on most mobile and desktop devices that support geolocation.

A youtube video looper with a custom material design inspired interface.

Sometimes a video is so good you need to watch it again, and again, and again. This simple utility allows you to do just that. This Javascript webapp leverages YouTube's API to automatically loop any video of your choosing.